Kxa Smart Manufacturing Software
as a service

KxA Smart Manufacturing Software is a modular software platform that will be tailored to your needs. 
The software will be installed on premises on a dedicated server maintained by us. 
We offer three license schemes depending on the number of modules used and supportlevel.


Datacollection from machine or production steps

up to 8 devices

Rasperry Pi 

Standard SLA

€99 /month


Smart automation of your production process. 

Small team 

Dedicated server

Standard SLA

€399 /month


Complete smart automation of manufacturing plant with all modules available.

Large team

Dedicated server

Extended SLA

€599 /month

KxA Smart manufacturing software normally is installed on a dedicated server on premises. We maintain the software to guarantee the agreed service level (SLA) and install software updates to keep your installation up to date with the newest developments of the platform. 
Other target platforms, such as Cloud or Data Center are also possible.